Editorial process

Stage 1: Initial quality check

This stage is to check issues related to contributions, conflicts of interest, and research ethics including plagiarism. 

This stage is aimed to ascertain that the manuscript contains everything the editors and peer reviewers need to perform an unbiased and comprehensive evaluation of the work.
Stage 2: Editor assigned

After the manuscript is considered as fulfilling the prerequisites of the initial quality check, it will be sent to an Editorial Board member, who is actively engaged in the manuscript’s subject.

If the editor is satisfied with your work, he/she will assign it to appropriate peer reviewers to evaluate the work, based on various considerations such as experience, expertise, and conflicts of interest.

Stage 3: Peer review

Reviewers will evaluate the technical quality and scientific value of the methodology, data analysis, and interpretation.

Stage 4: Decision

The editor will then decide whether to accept the manuscript for publication, ask for minor or major revisions, or reject the manuscript because of irreparable drawbacks.


Prof. Morteza Hashemzadeh Chaleshtori    

Editor in Chief:


Prof. Esfandiar Heidarian    

Indexing & abstracting 




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